The 1 am $1.4 trillion vote 

When I first joined my university’s student government as an on-campus representative I’m pretty sure I drove my colleagues insane with my insistence on having budget numbers and project plans before approving any spending or project launches. Why would I approve spending money or time on something that I wasn’t certain was best for the... Continue Reading →


In Support of Indigenous Peoples Day

Northern Michigan University should formally recognize and celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day annually on the second Monday of October via formal recognition on all campus calendars. When students from the Native American Student Association, American Indian Science and Engineering Society, and the Native American Language and Culture Club first brought this idea to the Associated Students... Continue Reading →

Somewhere in the middle: Mentors

I’m very lucky to have several people in my life that I consider mentors. They’re the people that I call when I need to talk through big life decisions and who I turn to when I want to share an interesting article or random intellectual thought.. In talking to friends about moving on after college... Continue Reading →

A few lessons from Kindergarten

A couple of weeks ago I listened to an awesome episode of one of my favorite podcasts, the Ezra Klein Show. The guest of honor was Cal Newport and the topic of focus was Deep Work: what does it mean to do deep work, how is the dominant hive-mind style work place inhibiting our ability... Continue Reading →

To teach or not to teach

A month ago I wrote about why I decided not to teach. Now I would like to tell you a little bit about why I'm changing my mind. After graduating college I keep getting a feeling that there is so much I don’t know about who I am and where I want to go in... Continue Reading →

"Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start"--Nido Qubein

Somewhere in the middle: Transitions

At certain points in life I get to feeling like I’m supposed to have everything figured out. When I feel this way my anxiety increases and bouts of panic and worry pour over me. In reality I’m building on the successes of my past, but in the moment it feels like I’m being forced to start... Continue Reading →

Somewhere in the middle

I’ve had a few points in my life where I felt that surely the walls around me were going to crumble down. It sounds dramatic but it’s truly how I felt. I’ve had times when I’ve been paralyzed with fears that I knew were irrational but they never the less kept me from moving. And... Continue Reading →

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