Email to Senator Ron Johnson: Vote No on Betsy DeVos

A copy of the email I sent to Senator Ron Johnson regarding Betsy DeVos. Should the vote go to the Senate floor it will take bipartisan support to defeat the nomination. I'm proud to have so many friends sharing their activism and encouraging others to do the same through social media. Keep showing up; we've got... Continue Reading →


To take a stand. March On.

I’ve always been skeptical of rallies and protests but I am so thankful that I took part in today's Women's March on Chicago. Here's how it went:

"They say that time changes things. But in reality, you have to change them yourself." ~Andy Warhol


Life lately has been a roller coaster of emotions. I’ve had some on-top-of-the-world amazing days and some days where I don’t want to get out of bed all day. As I work through my thoughts and emotions I have taken time to reflect on where I stand as an individual in the world as it... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Shared Governance

  A strong model of shared governance means a commitment to decentralized decision making, open discussions, and appropriate timelines of action. Developing and integrating the model takes time and devotion to the cause. It takes work by all stakeholder groups involved. And finding the right balance of power among stakeholders at a constantly changing organization,... Continue Reading →

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