Life lately has been a roller coaster of emotions. I’ve had some on-top-of-the-world amazing days and some days where I don’t want to get out of bed all day. As I work through my thoughts and emotions I have taken time to reflect on where I stand as an individual in the world as it is today—a world that is very different than what I worked for the past few months.

I have come to the conclusion that I am divided. Like many others, I was devastated by the results of the election. Also like many others, I know that although I may be negatively impacted by what is to come I am privileged to live the life that I have.

So, how do I begin to reconcile that my Facebook feed contains derogatory statements towards the LGBTQ+ community and the heartfelt statuses of friends that may be deported because of their citizenship status?

As I try to process what I am seeing, hearing, and learning I find myself shifting between three mentalities:

  1. I know where I stand, who I trust and believe, and I can back my convictions with facts so do I need to pay attention to analysis (in my opinion—often over analysis)? What do I gain from listening to those that I know are doing everything in their power to push against the progress our nation has made?
  2. I need to read everything. Listen to all the podcasts. I need to delve into the analysis and emotional testimonies with my whole mind and use that to fuel my actions.
  3. I’m done. I’m in shock and disbelief that where I thought the nation was going to go is no longer a reality—at least not in the near future. I am not outraged but rather disillusioned by the hyper-polarization of our political climate and the determination of many of our nation’s political leaders to cave to the temptations this climate creates. 

Somewhere in this mess of thoughts I know I can find a balance. I can find a balance between outrage and disbelief. I can find a cause among any hopelessness and a breath of fresh air among the articles, videos, blog posts, and other media out there. I can tune out the noise and focus in on my part in making this world a better place—no matter who is the President or running Congress.

In order to find this clarity, I am reflecting, writing, and sharing those thoughts. I am reaching out to the people that inspire me and those I hope to inspire. For anyone searching for clarity in today’s world, I encourage you to try writing or speaking your thoughts into the world and I wish you the best of luck on your journey. 



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