Email to Senator Ron Johnson: Vote No on Betsy DeVos

A copy of the email I sent to Senator Ron Johnson regarding Betsy DeVos. Should the vote go to the Senate floor it will take bipartisan support to defeat the nomination. I’m proud to have so many friends sharing their activism and encouraging others to do the same through social media. Keep showing up; we’ve got work to do!


Dear Senator Johnson,

My name is Lindsey Lieck and I am from Rhinelander, Wisconsin—a small, prideful, and struggling town. Despite our struggles the community has continuously come together in support of our public schools. I am grateful for their support every three years when we have to go to referendum.

Our schools foster community. We bring together students of all backgrounds and abilities; we work hard to ensure that each student is career and college ready. We work to offer students diverse opportunities from career and technical education, to music, athletics, and AP courses. We do all of this even as our funding diminishes and the number of students living in poverty grows.

I am thankful for the opportunities I had through the Rhinelander schools and I am concerned about the future of the district and the other rural districts across the state. My concern grows with the looming confirmation hearing for US Secretary of Education.

In your policy statement on education you state, “Educational decisions should be made as close to local schools and classrooms as possible.” If you truly believe that this is true you will not vote in favor of Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos’ loyalties lie not in local control but corporate control. School choice will lead to the privatization of public schools which not only moves decision making further away from the classroom but allows the priorities of private companies to take priority over the needs of the classrooms and communities.

Betsy DeVos is a threat to public education but that is not my biggest concern. My biggest concern is that she is wholly unqualified for the position which she seeks. She lacks experience in the classroom, she has no experience with higher education, and her rationale for putting guns in schools is laughable. There are arguable reasons why we should have guns in schools but if she is not able and willing to provide that honest rationale in a committee hearing how will she be able to justify her rationale to the American people she will be serving?

To advise and consent should not be a rubber stamp of approval. Take a stand and vote no on DeVos.

Best regards,



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